Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When will it stop?

Brought Charmaine for blood test again today.

Its 13.5. Shot up again. *irritated

Wonder when will it stop...

---> Update

Managed to speak to Dr Lim of Kinder Clinic again and expressed my concerns of the long wait to carry out another blood test 2 weeks later and proposed to carry out a liver test for Charmaine.

Dr Lim mentioned that I could do a blood test next week but there will not be much changes. As for the liver test, it will not be necessary until Charmaine is a month old as it was only then the liver will show signs. He mentioned that 13 is a low level and there is no need to be alarmed until it hits 15 or if she poops whitish stools. As long as its yellowish seedy stools, its fine. He also mentioned that if I am concerned about the jaundice then I could try to stop breastfeeding for 3 days and carry out blood test on the 4th day to see if its breastmilk jaundice. He did mentioned that the benefits of the breastmilk weighs higher than the concerns of the jaundice hence he felt its better to continue breastfeeding and carry out the blood test on coming Tuesday. 

I will do that for the moment and hope for the better :)  

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