Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pulau Ubin ~ 28 May 2010

Pulau Ubin
28 ~ 29 May 2010

Here I come...

Didn't know that they had a proper jetty now

Tired under the hot sun waiting for the bum boat
so many people actually went there for cycling
*amazed man

All of us
My Dad, camera shy... hide behind Vincent & Alicia

Yay! Its bum boat ride...

Charlotte: Angel ah yee seems happier than me

小花猫 and Vincent

Its so peaceful

Bollywood style 1

Bollywood style 2

We stayed at Celestial Resort
(but never took their expensive boat ride)
as the cheaper chalets are fully booked way long ago

In deep thoughts

Alicia: So where is my food?

Camwhore dear wanted me to take a photo of him

There again!

Alicia: How come Ah Por is talking with eyes shut?

Where we had our lunch...

Icy creamy, Icy creamy, Icecream!


Vincent and Ben goes for a joyride around the island

While Alicia plays with the waters...
She happily dipped herself into the waters without asking for permission
just walk n sit in the waters...

Happily showing her hands
Love this photo!
Girls are always sweeter to Mummy
She helps Angel to massage her shoulders

Spot the bird?
Apparently its one of the will-spot here other than the wild boars

Seafood dinner at Ubin was rather cheap
This plate of yummy flower crabs costs only $55
Its really sweet and juicy!
Everyone especially the kids love it

My mum actually brought a knife and some fruits to Ubin
Lucky pass through the scan at the jetty without being questioned
With the knife, the kids can have fruits!

3 kids are really N.O.I.S.Y!!!

Its really hot that day at Ubin.
The little girls had rashes.
But at night it was raining heavily
while we were watching opera after dinner.
The rain made the whole trip exciting.
There were no lampost and everywhere was pitch dark.
The kids had fun and Ben wanted to stay longer.
Its a great place to get away from the busy city life.
We did not manage to go Chek Jawa
cos the driver wanted to charge us $40 for to and fro transportation
and anyway, part of Chek Jawa was affected by the oil spill.

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