Monday, June 21, 2010

My Busy Weekend :D

Had a busy weekend.
Rushed to Stemcord seminar at Orchard Parade Hotel after work on Saturday and signed up at a very good deal, I supposed (one time enrolment fee $980, free $250 first year free storage & free $70 insurance and subsequently gotta pay $250 every year for storage - got a $50 each one-time discount for my sister and myself as referral discount).
Took bus-mrt and fetch Charlotte, had lunch, take bus-mrt to Orchard Parade Hotel.
It was my first time during this pregnancy to bring Charlotte out so far away by myself. I usually just fetch her from in-laws place to home by bus. By the time we reached destination, I was half dead!
Sunday was Father's Day!
Finally gotten the chance to let Charlotte scribbled onto the Father's Day card I had diy and gave it to Ivan. Made him some not-so-good-looking cupcakes after going to the library...
Yah... the library at Tampines! Charlotte was so noisy and was not behaving herself even though she was the one pestering us to bring her there... Nanny's daughter brought her to Bedok library before so she remembers... grabbed 7 books then hurried off home before anyone chases us out!
We head to T3 after an afternoon nap.
The sorta fun fair was still on and it is permanent. We were also lucky to chanced upon the flea which only happens on 3rd week of every month.

Charlotte was making funny faces
tired of waiting for her cat ride

Daddy worse
tired of Charlotte's nonsense

End up hop onto the giraffe instead
as Charlotte could not wait

Kids are so easily satisfied
with this 4 rounds for $7 ride

*Daddy wanted me to take a close up photo of him and giraffe

Ivan, this is the best!

After dinner and loads of crying for helium balloons
cos the jiejie at the other table had it,

we finally convinced her that another ride is better

Happily waiting for anor ride

Charlotte actually boxed the gorilla
and it ended up on the floor

Charlotte's 4 rounds for $3 ride

Its very amazing that she remembered
we came here before with ah gong & ah ma...

Daddy bought Charlotte the mermaid balloon @ $6
Mummy bought Charlotte the spongebob balloon @ $1

Mummy is so stingy!

Spongebob = One of Mummy's FAV cartoon character ok!
Photos taken by Ivan's lousy Samsung Wave hp camera
though it looks fantastic on his phone
My mobile is much better - 8 megapixel
*in case kena scolding.....

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