Monday, June 28, 2010

Pulau Ubin yet again

I did not know that going Pulau Ubin is so easy on normal weekends
Last trip there during Vesak Day long weekends was so packed

Always love the bum boat ride

Mum's always busy distributing fruits

Cherries for the little ones

Andy, I was afraid of dropping my hp into the sea
so that explains the right top corner 'marks'

Charlotte was happy

Sweetie pie

Showing some attitude huh?

Erm... Charlotte's teeth looks yellow neh

We went to Pulau Ubin for flower crabs
Yah... Flower crabs for lunch
cos the last boat leaves at 8pm
we do not want to be trapped there :)
After a nap, we got pestered to visit T3 yet again...

This time elephant attracts her most!

My hp really snaps better photo huh?


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