Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday to Chix!
Actual Day: 24 April 2010
May you stay happy,
May your baby fats remain intact,
May you stay healthy forever,
May you become rich-richer-richest,
May you stay handsome *pukes,
May you become a father soon...
Dinner at Waraku ~ Heeren
Just right before the dinner...
Min thought of a best cake for 老Chix
A DIY birthday cake
Its obvious that who is the main culprit drawing the 老Chix
Angelic face but ... *haiyo*

Look at her smiling cheekily

The completed product
How the cake looks?

See before 老Chix poo?

Min always takes nice photos with Charlotte

Kids Meal all to herself

Staring angrily cos she kept on saying:
*gave up correcting her

This is our 老Chix!

Singing Happy Birthday
Charlotte really thinks that it is her birthday

Finally caught got the kissing photo
老Chix look here: I am charging you, pls wait for my invoice

Charlotte cuts the cake instead of 老Chix

Choosing which piece/parts of the Chix to eat

老Chix teaching my girl bad stuffs
Revenge when Little Chix is out

Charlotte loves cakes

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