Thursday, April 01, 2010

Baby Making Trip

Our Baby Making Trip to Bali
28 ~ 31 March 2010
But baby was already made :D

My dear is always out to act cute but I love it!

At breakfast

Our hotel activities ~ boring :)

The hotel we stayed in
USD30 per night for the most expensive room

Kuta/Legian beach
The beaches are not as beautiful as Phuket's
but their waves are good for surfing!

This fish spa is very itchy
paid rupiah 100,000 for it
some places charge 50,000 for it
but their fish tank not so clean
saw them scooping up some dead fishes

Ivan tried spa-ing the hands too

According to our tourist
every house in Bali has a shrine
and apparently the house behind our hotel seems to be rather rich
cos their shrine is bigger than the hotel's

We chanced upon this sort of cafe place in the backstreets

Banana milk shake and avocado juice
ignore the sprite
its just something to quench my thirst while walking

Yummy Nachos

Nasi Campur

Nasi dunno what

Our free breakfast ~
2 pieces of toast with butter, fruit juice/fruit salad and coffee/tea
definitely not enough for me?

Additional order at only Rupiah 15,000

Half eaten mee soup
too hungry cos rushing for time to go for full day trip
We paid USD55 each for a 12 hours whole day trip to tour around

Our first stop was a kuku sliver shop
our tour guide gave us a choice
either batik or silver
both dun sound interesting to us

Our second stop,
Barong Dance
Their lion looks like this?

The monkey is cute
know how to pose for us

Our third stop,
Arts School

They are really talented
but some of these drawings can be found outside
and they are much cheaper

No more photos cos its prohibited inside
P.S: Their nude drawings very real

We visited a Hindu temple

Sarongs are worn as a form of respect

Guardians of the temple
with big eyes

According to our tourist
the status are kept and only displayed during festival
as they were many status stolen before
due to their historical value
and becos they are plated with gold

Hindus believe that there are many forms of god
but utimately
there is only one god

Initially thought that this notice may be telling us the name of the temple
but after uploading it
felt that its more like telling us the rules of the temple

A mini waterfall
Greens smell great!

We visited the plantation
Manual roasting of coffee beans
This is one of the places where famous Coffee Luwak can be found

Grounding into powder

Samples ~
coffee, cocoa, lemon grass tea, ginger tea and ginseng coffee

They do not use filter for their coffee
hence need to wait for the particles to settle down before drinking

Coffee Luwak
Rupiah 30,000 per cup

This creature, Paradoxurus loves to eat red ripe coffee cherry and after they swallow the whole coffee cherry,
it undergoes chemical treatment and fermantation and is pooped out.
Their poo will be collected, cleaned, roasted and ground.

Then it is the famous Coffee Luwak!

Mount Batur
Kintamani tour
Love this part of the tour the best
the weather is cooling
esp with the right amount of sunlight

But we had no other choice but to have this buffet lunch
as there are no other restaurants around
Rupiah 80,000 per person

Wondered what are the rebars left for??

Rice plantation

Newly planted rice ~ 1 week old

We were at Jimbaran
and was supposed to watch sunset and had a romantic by the beach dinner
Inclusive in the package :)

Dark clouds

Frankly, it tasted like what it looks
Not fantastic :)

Their soup tasted like msg chicken stock
I can cook better ones

I can fry better veg too!

Woah... so dusty de

Tried taking so many photos of the small sharks
and since I could not take good ones....

I opt for the lobster!

Amazing creation with bottles
Wind Chime


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