Thursday, April 15, 2010

Childcare Nightmare

We started to send Charlotte to full day childcare on 5 April 2010 and it had been a nightmare till this morning...
As usual she will say that she does not want to go to childcare the moment she wakes up and starts to throw tantrums and cries for attention etc.
Today, she requested for noodles when she saw Ivan cooking some for me. When she tasted the noodles and found out that its spicy, she said "爸爸你给我吃辣椒,我不喜欢你 liao ah!"
*with her finger pointing to the sky - sort of giving Daddy a warning

Usually I will be pretty upset when she said things like that to me (happy that Ivan gets it this time cos I am always the disciplinary one) but this time round she makes it so comical and we both laughed.
She happily greeted her teachers "Good Morning" even though she told Ivan when he was walking her to childcare, "Daddy 我不要去 childcare (repeated umpteen times)!"

Hopefully next week will be a better one.

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