Monday, November 02, 2009

Had a hectic Saturday in Jusco Tebrau City - Malaysia.
Initially we were amazed at how well behaved our little one was,
until we were at the kids playground.
Char's screaming and shouting made Daddy not wanting to travel to Malaysia frequently :(
We cannot imagine our little one can create such havoc in our lives.
Did you notice the scratches on Char's face?
She had gotten into a 'catfight'!
She was in a little tikes house in Toys'r'us and a little boy wanted to go in but she refused to let him in and he scratched her face.
Char fought back and screamed at the boy.
The boy then pushed her.
Char hit him again and screamed and cried at the same time, getting all the attention...
Do you prefer your kids to fight back when beaten?
I told Char not to fight unless the other party hit her first...
What a mother right?
But I guess most parents will not want their kids to be bullied by others.
They rather their kids to bully others.
Don't you?

We have learnt to be smart...
We only bought crayons from the $1 shop as Char has tendency to break all crayons.
We kept all free crayons and magic pens whenever we go for coloring contests and had dinner at Japanese restaurants.

Char's first box of crayola crayons were destroyed and is with nanny I suppose.
Char's latest collection is crayola's colored pencils...
so far... still intact :)

Pictures meant a thousand words...

Look at her obvious scars
*heart pain*

Daddy bought an oven at $108 and I tried baking on Sunday.
Its been a long time since I last baked.

Did you spot Mickey Mouse M&M cookie?

Chocolate cookies

... with almond nuts

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