Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Charlotte's in a bath

~ Its Bubble Time! ~


Charlotte: 我们去哪里?
Mummy: 我们去吃饭然后去playground。

(We brought her to Kids Explorer...
did not know that the Monday promo was over!
Its school holidays already?!)

Charlotte: 要穿socks的?
Mummy: 是的。

Charlotte: Giggling loudly...
Mummy: 可是tonight不可以看Barney, 不可以看电视ok?

Charlotte: Ok!

Mummy: Tonight可以看Barney吗?
Charlotte: 不可以!

Mummy: Tonight可以看Big Bad Wolf吗?
Charlotte: 不可以!

(Big Bad Wolf is a the three little pigs song
which she loved and several times insisted
to watch before she sleeps)

Mummy: Tonight可以看电视吗?
Charlotte: 不可以!

Gladly, she went to sleep after brushing her teeth...
My girl is growing up?
Fingers crossed!

Its a miracle!

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