Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Yum Yum Gathering ~ BBQ

Our BBQ was a breeze cos we ordered food online rather prepare it ourselves :)
Clever aka lazy man's style!

Dora and her little one ~ Shannon

Charlotte with the goodie bag Dora has prepared for them :D
She's making funny faces again!

With 5 little gers... its uncontrollable!

Shannon looks real sweet right?
BUT dun be deceived by her looks... she EATS SO MUCH!
Keeps eyeing at whatever you eat... and wants a piece of whatever you eat or else she will cry

Wonder how she can still fit into the container?
Our no. 2 Sweetie Pie!

We're in the play room...
Daddy always taught Charlotte how to ACT CUTE in front of camera
Now, he's teaching Mandy!
Our no. 1 Sweetie Pie

Sisters playing...
Or rather siblings rivalry !

Charlotte with AUNTIE Lisha
erm... its not easy to catch Charlotte's attention

The Chiangs!
From top to bottom ~ Ken, Tiffany, Jasmine, Kristin

Chow and Dora's hubby with the kids, getting ready to BBQ away!
Shannon's saying, "YIPPIE!"

Wearing the right top...
Her voice is so sweet...

The BBQ couple...
Without them, we eat raw food!
Thanks Pal!

US gers...
Dunno how to do the American Next Top Model effect...
Cos 2 had left us :( ```

Little Kristin, currently 2 years ongoing 3, very vain
She kept posing for me to take photo and wanted to view it later...
She loves Dora The Explorer and resulting...
She looks like Dora now!

Charlotte is wondering what Jie Jie Kristin is doing...

Actually there are more photos of her "personal album"

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