Friday, August 21, 2009

Lyn's XXth Birthday

We met up with the rest after our movie to celebrate Lyn's XX birthday!

Heehee... a long long day of fun for Charlotte :)

Had dinner at Chin Huat Seafood opposite the church at Novena.

The place was pretty warm even though they had air-cons BUT

they had fresh seafood! *Yum Yum*

but with Charlotte around, I can rarely eat in peace :

Off we went to Denise Wine Shop at Serangoon for a drink!

We came here yesterday with kor to chill out after handing up my assignments...

Gosh its such a relief!

Enjoyed the atmosphere and the peace...

especially sipping down the wine slowly and tasting every single bit of it.

Chix horsing around, entertaining our little one :)

Go and make one with Lyn ok?

Lyn's pressie :)

We had ordered something online for her but its still in shipment.

Figured out it will be sad without any pressie and at that point of moment we were at Toy'r'us

SO, we bought Spongebob Lyn to give to Lyn... becos they're BOTH YELLOW!

I love Spongebob ~ by giving my love to you shows how much I treasure you Lyn...

NO HIDDEN AGENDA... hiak hiak hiak hiak....


Saw Patrick the Starfish and got the urge to buy for Mich

And yah... this is the reason why we are good buddies!

Charlotte had lolipop all day...

But all her lolipop was half sucked and Daddy has to finish them all...

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