Thursday, August 20, 2009

Charlotte's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Charlotte's 2nd birthday for her in her playgroup, together with all her friends...

Little goodie bag we prepared for everyone...

We believe that ample tidbits (chocolate is a MUST! sweets for sometime though) is necessary in growing up so we included them in the goodie bag.

Me being an anxious mummy, prepared all these at least 3 weeks before the actual day as I do not want to screw things up together with my exams and assignments etc.

We are really kiasu parents... bought a 2kg cake which is way too big :)

Charlotte's favourite Barney ~ ah nee...

This is the first time I went to Charlotte's playgroup and noticed that they have 3 teachers here. One speaks Chinese, on speaks English and the other bilingual I guess.

Once teacher Sandy says, "Children get back to your seats."and all of them run to their seats.

Charlotte took 3 pieces of her cake...
I guess she wasn't very sure what was going on still except the fact that Daddy and Mummy had came and she was screaming for joy!

Charlotte tried to pose for the camera :)

Afterwhich, we went to Suntec to watch UP...

not really fantastic though or rather maybe the 3D effect would be better.

Our little one fell asleep towards the end of the movie after been junking on popcorn!


Daddy & Mummy loves you SO MUCH...

Happy Birthday!

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