Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Weekend Escape

We planned a little getaway during last weekend to Genting to enjoy the weather...

It was a last min and great decision to unwind :D

Our seats had massage function but it felt more like just vibration

Charlotte loves to look for gong gong cos he spolit her, every time!

We are the eskimos...

erms... Char was trying to post for the camera

Oh my ugly double eyelids...

Char's so-called pose


The TV but I only managed to watch 2 movies (The Nanny & The Wedding Game) and was being chased to sit on the ground by Char
Charlotte: Mummy go away...

Charlotte's school shoes ~ very camo right?

Poor monkeys... They were rummaging through the dustbins for food...
Char was amazed and thot that those monkeys were teddy bears


Waiting for food
Bak Ku Teh ~ expensive but not bad
Dim Sum ~ please eat in Singapore

In hotel room, ready for the fun day

Naughty face

Char loves being tickled by Daddy

At the Hainanese restaurant ~ hm... nice nasi lemak!

Like father like daughter

Ivan's gonna be losing loads of hair

The one and only photo where all's in

Told Char to stand beside the tree to pose for us, then...

with in-laws and then...

Char went around posing everywhere :D

One and only family photo of us three

Char stood there waiting for me to take photo of her

Oh... I love love love cuttlefish!!!

This was actually for adults

Hmm... this is better
We used lolipop to coax her into posing with the board

Amusement park ~ Charlotte's fav

Popping ping pong calls into the froggie

Spray gun game

Daddy's playing basketball to get more tixs to exchange for prizes

THIS is what I call ~ FAMILY SPIRIT!!!

Throw the balls!!!

Daddy's chewing on Char's left over lollipop

We exchanged our winning tixs with 2 whistles and a pen

Strong wind

Hehehe... I purposely asked them to pose for me ;)
its freaking cold!

Char chewing on cuttlefish... She loves cuttlefish just like me :D and asked for MORE

Father-in-law insisted to feed Char muffins and created a big mess, everywhere

Charlotte refused to pose for the camera in the caterpillar train cos she wanted to play with the kids in the opposite cabin

In the choo choo train...

Super scared of this ride still ~ few years ago came to Genting with Yirong, Shirlene & Weizhi... took this ride and felt that its very shaky as its only supported by a centre track ~
Char was so sweet... put her hands on my heart (but somehow it landed on my tummy) and said,
"Mummy par par (scared), Mummy par par..."

Char enjoys bullying Daddy

Dun fancy lacy stuffs but this shop looks sweet

In ferris wheel ~ a little scary with all the creaking sounds... eeeks

Charlotte loves to ~ zhuo ma ~ on the Carousel
p.s. she woke up at 12.30a.m. and pestered me to bring her to this ride again *faint*

At Starbucks ~
love the outdoor seating area cos get to enjoy a cuppa hot chocolate in the cold weather

Self taken ~ not bad?

No special effects here ~ maybe cos Char's moving

This top (treated it like a trench coat kinda) costs only $6.90
Grabbed at Singapore Expo Robinson Sales

Charlotte was posing...
For those who are wondering about her fringe ~ NO I did not trim her fringe for her. We trimmed it at REDS :S

Our last breakfast at this Shanghai restaurant ~ good food with reasonable price
Love the nian gao ~ kinda like mee hoon kway but its dried ~ yummy yummy

Even indoors, the weather is great!

Yah, Char loves cooking ~ frying the nian gao maybe

The self-made icecream

Added few chocolates on top for decoration purposes

Charlotte: Hmm... Chocolates!

Little one picked and finished all the chocolates and gave Daddy the cone :D

Genting is a cheap and cooling place to go.
Kids will definitely enjoy the theme park but children below the height of 0.72m are only allowed on most games in the indoor theme park and can totally forget about the outdoor one.

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