Monday, July 06, 2009

Our weekends ~ 3 to 5 July 2009

Friday night... had dinner at BBQ Chicken @ Downtown East... KFC's better!

Dunno what's with the "three-fingers" pose. Charlotte gave me these kind of funny poses everytime I ask her to pose for the camera.

Nowadays we are physically drained everytime she throws tantrums. In the end up, we end up arguing becos I dun like the idea of Charlotte screaming and Ivan, just simply left her screaming and crying like a spoilt brat.

I am always for the idea of naughty corner. But no corner at NTUC. Hmmp! Used multi-storey car park as a temporary one.

Charlotte got Daddy to buy her this pair of Strawberry Shortcake rainboots at $21.90 from one of the push carts at East Coast Road, right in front of Old Town Cafe.

She even passed a pair of Thomas the Train rainboots to another little boy to try on. The boy's mummy sure hates Charlotte :D

Oooh... I love the top n shorts she's wearing! If only I can squeeze into them...

Saturday... did nothing fantastic except going to work (Ivan and Charlotte sent me to work) and Ivan headed off to Kids Explorer to drain off Charlotte's energy... it works... she slept for more than 3 hours... then I went to Singapore Expo for Robinson Sales... and we went for evening swim.

Sunday... we celebrated Andy's belated BIRTHDAY!

Cake = Mum's pressie for Andy

Ben and Charlotte benefits most... they are drooling away

Look at Charlotte... she's got the "Can I eat the cake" look

I decided to take her out of the photo...

Love Andy's and Ben's face - comical

Andy's wearing the Birthday Hat

Making birthday wish... eyes all on him - when is he cutting the cake yah?

Eyes still on the cake... hahaha

Charlotte can wait NO MORE!

She took a bite with the fork... just scooped the mouthful directly!

Charlotte is just like me - love chocolates

sorry Alice... I chopped off your head


Half gone...

Alicia's aiming for green tea

Got it!

They really love to take the straw outta their drink... all kids do it!

Alicia looks pretty with the hair clip on her head

Had dinner at Hongkong Cafe at East Coast Mac...

Resemblance = Eyebrows-less

A mother in making?

Andy you look a lot like Mr Bean in this photo, esp the chin and nose!

Charlotte never miss the lolipops placed on the counters...

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