Friday, May 14, 2010

Shirlene's 29!

Happy 29th Birthday to Shirlene!

To Shirlene: I still think we are 25 odds leh!
Mich is trying to create an Ah Ma cake for Shirlene
This will be her last birthday celebration with her
cos she is leaving to Japan for good :(
To Shirlene: Mich drew the postit Ah Ma
* i asked her dun be evil la but she still insists! haiyo... evil Mich!

Mich's draft Ah Ma picture


Evil smiley preggy Mich

We had a mini birthday celebration with Shirlene at F.I.S.H
with our self drawn Ah Ma cake!

The staffs from F.I.S.H made Shirlene stood up and
sang her a birthday song after shouting to catch everyone's attention
Shirlene a bit paiseh la...
We are no longer 18!

Shirlene's Birthday Wishes
(1) Have a home of my own
*wink wink*
(2) Joel be healthy and happy
(3) Strike this Friday's 5 million toto
(4) Stay as young and beautiful as ever
(5) Get before giving birth figure back
* in fact you look prettier now
got a bit of meat better if not next birthday cake
we need to draw chopsticks...
Mich wanted to draw chopsticks actually - oops!

This is how Shirlene will look like when she's old

See the little something 'extra' on the Ah Ma cake face?
That is a little secret of Shirlene...

Joanne, Shirlene and me

Haiyo... Caught in action AGAIN?!
Mich cannot wait to eat the cake man

Hope that we can do this every year...

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