Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pasir Ris Farmway

Charlotte loves to try on my low heels
she named it the 'kor kor' shoe

She thinks that hairband = crown
and proudly tells everyone she is princess
everytime she puts on her 'crown'

Nowadays she brings her backpack
(with lotion n hand sanitaizer inside)
out everytime especially after her HFMD
when we applied lotion n hand sanitaizer on her blisters her everyday
Our little vain pot dresses herself with rain boots
and her mini umbrella whenever it rains too
We went to Pasir Ris Farm on last weekend
Daddy caught 10 fishes
Charlotte caught 1 fish
eh... 1 dead fish!
and she proudly showed the dead fish to me
Maybe its becos Mummy caught none :(
End up still have to buy mini fish tank & fish food

Charlotte touches the fishes
and got scared when one of the fishes swam up
and splashes loads of water on her

She kept insisting on feeding the rabbits instead of the ducks, hens, goose etc

Posing with the long ear & hair rabbits
what a pose!

So cute right?
But they can never step into my house!

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