Tuesday, February 02, 2010

We went to ZOO!

We went to ZOO!

31 January 2010

Char is sad cos there is no real cow around

There should be cows when there is Ben & Jerry,

esp at the zoo,


Elephant masks given to all kiddos

Elephants everywhere...

Mini monkeys

The bird must have been afraid of the elephant

Simply refuse to take off the mask


scary turtle

these monkeys are ugly

long tails with funny looking nose

and his dicky... very exposed!

birdie is neighbour with monkey

hope birdie did not misunderstood monkeys' dickies as worms


acting dead

clever to hide away from sorching sun

YES! They are the ones who ate the man

where are all the original colored tigers?


ma chiam like crocodile

they seem to be dancing when they are swimming around

so cute!

Lazy Kangaroos

kiddos are funny

wanted me to take photo still give me such unwilling face

forgotten this is emu or ostrich


These photos are much much better!

The kiddos' FAV of all time!


See how Char loves it...

maybe we should be members of the Zoo

Whenever the bell rings...

to alert everyone that the water is splashing,

everyone runs and lie down to wait for the water to splash on them.

Saw a grandpa with swimming trunks,

covering his ears, playing with his grandchildren.


Playing or fighting?

erm.... the black borders are due to lens

not graphics


the half-naked guy is not Ivan

*nodding profusely

Super duper hyper active kiddos

The rides here cost $2 each

so exp... norm only $1 each

somemore this barney train plays barney's songs

the barney car is much better

Alicia is getting easier to handle

Her smiles are so sweet!

Polar bears

glass blur blur so photo blur blur

woah.... Papa is getting really old

We are all shagged out

but the kiddos after a 10 - 15 mins eye shut

their energy somehow

came back to 100% power

Bullying Por por

So sweet!

Rubbing her 'full of mucus' nose onto Daddy

Alicia's playing peek-a-boo with me

She very adorable,

esp after a nap!

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