Monday, January 18, 2010

Kite Flying

The sequence of the photos are wrong.
Its from the latest till the oldest,
if you get what I mean...

Attack of the penguins!
Another penguin joined us...
guess Charlotte felt it looks nicer and kept insisting its hers.
Hers only $8.80 from SKP neh.
Plus the roll of string $3.50...
But hello I think my kite only less than $5!
Charlotte's kite: On your right
(flown by Daddy... in case you are wondering)
People fly kite so easy.
Just came and within minutes,
their kite flew up into the sky.
You should see the load of string they had man.
How come people fly kite so effortless de?

Charlotte is sad...
Daddy and Mummy dun let her have the kite.
She kept entangling it,
causing Daddy to be fustrated.
Mummy... is busy enjoying herself.

The one in rainbow colours is mine!

Erm... if you can see...
taken by handphone,
its a very beautiful moment.

erm... try harder ok Charlotte!

I gave up flying after my kite got entangled with an Uncle's.
He was darn rude, oi-ing around...
Cannot and dunno how to siam one meh?
Anyway, his kite... cmi!
Cannot even fly high lor.

First few attempts pretty lousy
and Daddy blames our lousy kite.
I think its skill lor.
Failed attempts neh.

Nice right?

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