Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Blog is Open to All Again...

Ok the reason for me to lock my blog is becos I am pissed off with a friend. So pissed until I deleted her from my msn & facebook.

I figured out that I dun have to do all these as I am not the guilty party.


This "used to be very good friend" of mine actually put in her facebook a message like that...
"I can't believe that after so long you are still so petty" WTF!!! #$%@

I admit I am really freaking petty! So what? Bite me? Fyi I am pretty childish as well...

Well... You should count yourself lucky that I never report you to to the MAS for asking me to terminate all my insurance policies just becos you think that AIA is going to crash becos of AIG. Fyi, ALL my insurance policies is with AIA and I have absolute trust in MAS & Singapore!
Maybe you will be thinking... "Oh man, it doesn't pay to be kind"... Hey come on... We have rarely been in touch and out of sudden you msn me to inform me to terminate my insurance becos you think that AIG cannot make it and will affect AIA in Singapore and you are an insurance agent OR a financial advisor.

Well... If you really meant out of pure goodwill *cross your heart*, ok I have nothing to say. Its just me being petty all these years then, if it makes you feel better thinking this way.
I've never regretted knowing you as a friend.

I still remember those happy days we spent during our secondary and poly days. I appreciate that you taught me a lot of things, "bring me to see the other side of the world" and taught me friendship is more important. But all these changed when we dun think the same way anymore, when we have different friends, different thinking, different lifestyle... which is common as we are growing and we begin to distance each other.

To be frank, I admit I am petty.

I treat friendship like relationship. When I give, I expect return. When I treated you whole heartedly I expect you to do the same. I dun need friends who only calls me when they need help. I am not a hotline! I need true friends...

Well... I just wanna end this asking you this, when we begin to distance, have you ever thought of what happened....?

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