Saturday, October 11, 2008

Farm Outing 11 Oct 08

This is really feels like those excursions we had during our primary school days...

We went to Farm Mart,

They've these 2 billy goats...

Charlotte was sort of amazed I guess... cos I was amazed as well :D
Didn't know that such place exist in Singapore.

Loads of rabbits... EW! They're cute but not really my type...
I'm not those cuddly kind...

There are also the turtles... Ben's afraid to touch them cos they bite!

Goat: Hm... Is there food?
Charlotte: What is Daddy and Mummy doing?
Ivan: Better stand a distance away from the goat.... just in case....

Ben went on to feed the goats with kangkong

and the rabbits...

The parrot could not talk...

AH... Don't grab the parrot!

Anqi & Angel
Then off we went to Qian Hu Fish Aquarium

Ben was shy cos he ran away from me everytime I asked him to pose for me

Little Anqi had not much of a choice I guess ;)

My grouchy little baby... Ah... draining off all our energy, EVERYDAY!

Fat, oversized goldfishes

Fairy-like "Jin Long Yu"

Crabbies... YUM YUM

Shall not blog about our dinner cos we had a sucky one in a Japanese Restaurant at the Jurong West Sports Hall.

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