Saturday, December 26, 2009

Celebrating Christmas

What did you do for Christmas?

Cutie pie

Christmas dinner was sponsered by Ken & Mich
but Ken's in Vietnam...
reward for us in helping out at their wedding

Gift Exchange time...

Forced kiss on Rachel
muahahaha... still forcing

Lyn said this is her first Christmas after marriage
So touched... they had given to me their first in my house

Sponsered by Joanne
Kids love cakes most... erm and me!

Wing Meng is lucky
cos Charlotte rarely allow anyone to carry her
let alone take photos with her
We played Donkey and our stake is...
loser brings back tidbits and doggy bag leftover food
Tidbits all sponsered by Chix Couple!

While Mummy is busy playing
Daddy is teaching little one how to play
Happy Family
Its always the case!

Lao Da own the caramel popcorn!
She brought back loads of food :D

Finally figured out that this photo was taken by Lao Da
Was telling Ivan how this photo was pretty pro man

I blew them all by myself!
Asthma cured!
Whenever friends came over,
Charlotte will want me to blow the balloons
Monopoly was our fav
but Jasan is too cunning
Oooh I love my spongebob monopoly SO MUCH!
Thanks Dora!
Another... nice right

That's Me!

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