Monday, September 21, 2009

Min Min's Big Day

Min's big day on 20 September 2009...

We, considerate sisters had prepared breakfast for the brothers :D

Sour ~ Apple cider + Lemon + Lime

Sweet ~ Honey + condense milk + sugar + rose syrup

Bitter ~ Bitter liang teh + small bittergourd cubes

Spicy ~ Biscuits + Wasabi + Chilli Padi
The cocktails...
The game ~ Dance with the music
These are the props to be worn + lipstick + diapers
The wedding contract and game cards
Its the sisters and the bride... caught on video :)

Me n Lao Da ~ the beautiful bride
P.S: Lao Da all your wedding gowns very nice BUT hor, you are too skinny already
Lyn n Mich with Lao Da
Shijia and Jamie with Lao Da
Qiuyu n Lao Da
Lower Pierce is a nice place for photoshoot...
Its my first time... I'm so mountain tortoise :(
Super love these following shots: -

Lao Da is so pretty...

The sisters and brothers...

Sisters at the reception...
Maybe it should be the other way next time.
Brothers be at the reception n sisters be the usher.

Alex n Min Min

P.S: Auntie very HOT!

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