Monday, January 06, 2014

Our Firstborn New Milestone

It's stressful,  excited yet busy when your kid goes to P1. From student care, uniform, books, bags, stationery,  school bus pick up & alight, teaching your kid how to count money and even buying wallet is a challenge.

Lucky my sis had been thru it hence I have an advisor ard.

Lessons learnt: -
1. Never buy books online to save trouble or simply laziness cos bookshop aunties helps to save costs but telling you what is not necessary.

2. Sch shoes in Malaysia costs same as those bought in neighbourhood shop - those sold in neighbourhood shop looks trendier! We lug back a pair of white shoes from Melaka.

3. Some schs have socks imprinted with their names and costs cheaper in bulk. We lug back socks from Melaka too but it was that heavy though.

4. Pri sch kids fashion - most kids uses SPI, Deuter, Smiggle seemed to be favs! Those kiddish Princess bags r never a fashion in Pri Sch. Luckily Charlotte has a smiggle and impact bag for birthday present hence I save on it.

5. Never buy canvas/cloth shoes. Those that we use during our times - need to apply a layer of white liquid,  is no longer in. Most white shoes are finished with other matl.

6. Buy wallets with e rubber springy attachment. Refer to photo. It help to ensure that your kid dont lose wallet that easily.

7. $2 is enough for their 30mins lunch or rather teabreak. During orientation,  take snapshots of the menuboard in canteen to gauge how much your kid will spend in sch. Gives extra allowance will let them be VIP in bookshop - quote fr mh sis.

8. Your kid will be guided by elder kids during lunch for at least a week. Hence u need not worry that your kid suffer from hunger - Charlotte's sch sells honey stars n I saw many kids snacking on tidbits rather than real food. Most food sold in canteen r cold. Only noodles with soup r not.

9. Teachers r now v v v IN. Can speak many languages n their Chinese standard also darn good - Charlotte's Mother Tongue teacher speaks totally proper Mandarin. Teachers nowadays no longer look as though they r from 80s. All very well groomed n fashionable.

10. Christian sch teaches loads Christian songs during their music lessons - just like Sunday classes at church... that's what hubs say.

11. On Sundays, u need to pack sch bag n ur work bag n u will start to scratch head thinkinh if u brought e correct books - last time English lessons just bring English textbook n workbook.

12. You will need a labelling machine if your handwriting sucks. However Chinese characters still need handwritten - n u will be v careful when u write their name cos u r afraid the Chinese teacher will judge.

13. Recommend for girls to wear singlet underneath shirt for those uniform without pinafore as uniform may not be well textured. If possible let your kids wear boxer shorts instead of panties so when she sits down she don't expose herself.  I saw most girls did.

14. MOE gives free thermometer to kids so no need to buy even if its in your books list.

15. Teachers communicate through whatsapp nowadays. It's time to change of u r still using dino hp.

16. Sch buses ddon't stop right outside of your hse. U may have to cross roads to send your kid there. Or if u r lucky, mini buses can turns into car park.

We had alot of shocks together with our firstborn throughout her journey into Pri 1.

As a kid, she must have felt excited and nothing on top of that.

We are lucky that she coped well and did not cry for straight 3mths - she did that when we sent her to cc ard 2 years old.

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