Monday, January 06, 2014

Constantly Fears

During days when Hubs or myself can't get home before 7pm to fetch Charlotte from sch bus drop off point, I will feel v uneasy.

As Charlotte is in PM session, my helper has to fetch Charmaine from childcare and bring her together to wait for Charlotte at the sch bus drop off area.

I keep worrying that Charmaine will run to the bus and get rolled over when she gets to excited seeing Charlotte or that Charlotte will get knocked down by a bicycle while alighting from the sch bus.

Sigh and I have no other way to prevent it from happening until year 2015 when Charlotte's sch moves back to Tampines.

Right now, all I could do was to constantly remind my helper to hold onto Charmaine hands tightly to ensure that she don't run out to roadside and keep reminding Charlotte to look out for bicycles while alighting from sch bus and also not to walk onto roads.

It must be recent cases of young kids being killed in accidents that worry me that much.


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