Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Joyful or Stressful?

After the bicycle incident on Mid Autumn Festival, Charlotte seems to be afraid of the slightest things. From sparkles; the fireworks sticks to mini bomb; it looks like a tadpole and gives sparks and loud "piak" sound when thrown onto floor/ stepped onto - reliving my childhood games.

Sigh... It's good for her to learn her lessons but not to the extend of whining at the slightest stuffs and scare away all her friends/ playmates. It's really irritating man.

She really pisses me often - abacus teacher says she is always day dreaming and not doing her work. She spent 2hours doing less than 15 sums. Mind Stretcher teacher says she does her English work very slowly esp when it comes to sentence rearrangement as massive writing is involved but when it comes to Maths she faces no issues. I do not have complains from phonics teacher (Teacher Bell instill fear I felt cos... I also feel fear when I talk to her) and ballet. She must have like these classes loads. Sometimes I felt like a big failure as I really don't know how to teach her. I have used soft and hard approach but it doesn't work and I refuse to use rewards method cos I do not want it to become a habit.

Really big sighs! But whenever I am angry with one, the other little one will do things to make me smile and afterall you will find that it's all worthwhile.

That's the joy of having 2 right?

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