Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Children Day's Celebration at Community Centre

I felt so guilty. There was Children's Day celebration in Charmaine's childcare last Friday but I totally forgotten about it as Charlotte's childcare was closed last Friday and she stayed at home with my helper. I was busy organising logistics and arranging homework for her to do. Sometimes I really felt that I only deserve grade C; just pass as a mother.

On Saturday, we joined the Children's Day celebration at the community centre right opposite my house. We only paid $5 for tickets and got to enjoy clay magnets painting, bookmark making, popcorn, candt floss, goodie bags etc. There was a wash feet session where your child is supposed to wash feet for you to show their filial piety towards you. I felt that it's weird and that filial piety shouldnt be protrayed/ perceived that way. It sounded rather religious when it comes to "washing" like baptism and Vesak Day when you bathe the Buddha etc.

Anyway... if you have a community centre near you, do visit them to check out their activities. Some activities could be really interesting and children should interact with more people at such gatherings.

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