Friday, September 20, 2013

Tuesday, 4 Sept 13... Passing of 婆婆

婆婆 passed away on on Tuesday, 4 Sept 13, peacefully at the age of 94 years old. People always say passing away at such an age is a blessing but no matter what having a close one leaving you is a sad event.

We rarely meet 婆婆 as she stayed in batam with my 五叔 and most importantly she never like my mum. She is a traditional woman who likes son. Hence she was upset cos my mum as the eldest daughter-in-law, did not borne any grandson for the family. I thought it should be the sperms' fault. But traditionally women are always blamed such.

婆婆 funeral lasted 7 days and on the last day, we were devastated while her coffin was covered and we were sending her on her last journey for burial. She was buried next to 爷爷. It was raining when the burial ceremony was in progress. There was this saying... when it rains during one's burial, it meant that heaven is sad for the person's departure. I know that I am sad that she has left us. 婆婆你一路走好...

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Michelle said...

Oh dear only get to know after reading this. Condolences to you guys. Hope u guys are over it now. She's definitely in a better place.. Hugs!