Friday, September 20, 2013

Thursday, 19 Sept 13... 中秋节快乐

We had an enjoyable and shocked Mid Autum Festival celebration this year. Hubby and myself knocked off on time (esp me... work has been really and crazy and it still is now) to spend a little family time with children playing lanterns.

We played at the park near our house where there were many family and kids enjoying the night of gathering. Charlotte wanted badly to join a group of children playing and was hanging around for a while before getting the courage to ask 1 of them if she could join in the fun. It was actually just kids hanging around doing silly things - remembering each others name, jumping, hopping around etc. She was initially hiding at a side peeping at them. Play mates really made differences. Nowadays all of us are busy with our individual life and no one bothers to make the first step to arrange to outings anymore. Busy is only an excuse I felt. There is always time... just depending on how you find it.

Paper lanterns still seems to be "in" with kids compared to those noisy battery operated lanterns.

After all the fun with lanterns, bubbles, sparkle sticks... while walking home, Charlotte was knocked down by bicycle. Hubby and I was shocked at the very moment cos Charlotte was screaming in pain. I felt so guilty as I could not save her. I should have kicked the bicycle away. The cyclist rode away after a while after apologizing but we were still recovering from the shock as there was blood in Charlotte's mouth. After calming down, we carried Charlotte home and found out that there was a cut in her gums, left side of her face was knocked by bicycle handle and there was a big patch of blue black on her thighs and abrasions on her legs.  Phew...

I really feel like kicking the aunty off her bicycle when I see her next time. But it was partially our fault that we allow her to play with bubbles while walking home. It's a blessing to know that she is ok after consulting doctor today. Luckily Charmaine went home alittle earlier as she needs to pee urgently. After seeing what happened to Charlotte, Charmaine said, "We don't go to park. We go ah yee house play lantern".

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