Friday, May 03, 2013

Fun @ Genting

We bought groupon at only $95 each we get to stay at First World 3D 2N including coach. Finally a short getaway from the weather and endless work.

Snow World is so so fun. For a reasonable price of RM27 an adult you get 40 minutes play, that is if you have World Card Member. Normal price RM30. The previous time we were around it was under repairs. Now that it is opened, we brought the kids there as promised - Charlotte has been asking to go Snow City in Sg but it is way out at the west for us. The -5 degC is definitely worth it! The price comes with rental of jacket, gloves, shoes. The only down is that we are not allowed to bring cameras or camera phone in and there are loads of photographers to take photo for you and quote you a "special" price for it.

We spent a whole 8 hours in both parks almost conquering all rides the kids could take and repeating favorite rides like 10x per ride. Imagine turning round and round inside teacup...

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