Thursday, May 16, 2013

1st RCS Team Building & CIP

I had a tourist-y week (strictly speaking only 4 days) with team building on Monday at Zoo and immersion programme at Sentosa.

Team building was real fun. We had amazing race and get to do 2 team work test games - one of them was to use only 1 hand to catch the ball thrown by the person beside you and all team members have to throw at the same time, not holding the ball for more than 3 secs or drop or otherwise we had to start all over again. The other was to stack 8 feets into a tower.

We had a roller coaster challenge whereby we were given only few materials and we had to build a roller coaster and eventually combine all of them.

It was fun!

The immersion programme I had was supposed to last for 4 days but since it clashed with team building, I had to miss the 1st day. Travelling to Sentosa kills! I cannot imagine if I ever work there. We were super well fed throughout and get to know more colleagues, more about the company and the leading people in it. Many were humble despite the positions they hold.

I love the HOPE Foundation - the philanthropic arm of my company and hope that I could volunteer myself in one of their programmes.

I made the right choice for the job switch *pat despite the workload, I learnt many new things that I couldn't have learn if I continue to stay complacently in my previous job.

Kudos to - Building for people to build people, Building people to build for people...

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