Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Head Lice

I had never seen a head lice in my thirty over years of living until yesterday night.

Argh it's so frustrating. I found loads of head lice on my helper's hair!

I really ought to thank Charmaine's teacher for informing us that she suspects that there is head lice on Charmaine. Hope teacher forgives my arrogant hubby who insisted its not life and death issue that summons us to fetch Charmaine back immediately from Childcare. I stressed to him it's social responsibility and he won't want the whole Childcare to have head lice epidemic right after the hfmd spread esp with our darling labelled as the culprit.

Before seeing Dr Tay, I told my helper that I would shave her botak and that is the only treatment i knew for head lice since our Primary School days but Dr Tay gave me a bottle of nice smelling hair lotion (not that I envy their chance to try though) to apply on both heads. I even applied on Charlotte's hair just to play safe.

Not that I want to grumble... Helper are supposed to help out in the house but with all these including her lack of knowledge, poor English, inability to coax my children, inedible cooking, poor hygiene standards etc etc it's driving me nuts. REALLY NUTS!

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