Monday, September 24, 2012

How to tame a whiny child?


Charmaine is getting horribly whiny. She cries at the slightest thing - did not manage to get what she wanted, fight with Charlotte, insisted that I change diaper instead of helper, wanted me to carry her around the house and if I refuse to act according to her wishes, she will lay down on the ground and start to roll around or swing her legs to hit whatever she can hit.
I tried many times to leave her laying on the ground ignoring her then with continuous crying on a full stomach, she will vomit. On certain lucky days, her whining will diminish after a while when something more excited comes along and she decided I am no longer fun.
Argh! Many times I snapped. I will cane and scold her but its totally useless. Daddy tried the "placing her in dark room" method it didn't work too and I am against this method of teaching as I do not want to leave a permanent damage - afraid of darkness. 
Yesterday I tried the naughty corner method, so far its working a little. Let's hope that this will curb her. She is a tougher nut to crack than Charlotte.
My helper told me that Charmaine is very lovely and she will play by herself when we (my hubby and me) are not around while she cooks. She will finish her meals without being difficult. She will ask politely for something and not whine or cry to it. This is a complete different version of what I faced.
Whenever I am cooking, she will hug my legs and demanded to see what I am cooking. She will want to sit on my laps when I am having my dinner even though she ate loads and her stomach is bursting. She will scream, cry and do her usual lay-on-the-floor stunt to make me give in to wash her ass after her poop.
I proved that what my helper said was true. Yesterday I rested on Charlotte's double decker (upper deck) bed for 2 hours and true enough... its a peaceful 2 hours. No screams, no cries, no whining cos no mummy is not around. WTF?!  

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Michelle said...

I heart you !!! And as many peeps had told me, I'm just gonna tell u the same thing.. It's just a stage and it will be over soon... Hang in there ;)