Sunday, June 17, 2012


We went over-the-sea to Pulau Ubin for Father's Day Celebration...!
Till now my butt still hurts from the nearly 10km cycle to Chek Jawa :(





 Bum boat ride is always that fun!
All so excited.

Paris Hilton is sticking onto Uncle Andy like superglue

While cycling to Chek Jawa...
Andy has a demanding passenger

Charlotte to Andy: I am very sad cos you cycle so slow

Charlotte to Andy: I count to 1,2,3 and you cycle faster ok!
Poor Andy!

Super love Lucas's curly hair

The bridge walk along the sea at Chek Jawa
The mangrove swamp at Chek Jawa
The quarry at Pulau Ubin

The Fiddler Crab
Fiddler Crab write out
The mangrove swamp
During low tide, you can find many crawling creatures at the swampy area.
We saw the hornbill bird at the wobbly viewing tower.
Wobbly cos we are all exhausted from the cycling maybe. 

Bum boat ride

Maybe they should let us opt for sampan ride!

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