Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MBS on Friday the Thirteen!!!

Parking is a killer in MBS!

Reception: Enjoy your stay with us. We gave you a fantastic room with great view!

Me thinking in my head...
of course lah cos I paid nearly $500 for that one night stay
we were allocated to a room at level 40
with bird's eye view of course :)

Warning: All the items inside the mini bar fridge would be charged once removed
My 1st disappointment:  mini bar fridge was a total money earning machine instead of a facility provided for the guests. I needed to place my milk, sushi and kit kats inside the fridge but there was no space at all! 

nice view from our room and the skypark

getting ready for the long await swim
Charmaine cladded in her 1st swim suit :)

the baby pool is located at the far end near Tower 1
floats are not allowed in the adult pool
only arm bands float

Me: arm bands float not float meh?

the view is really cool
esp when u sip beer and soak yourself in the waters
not too many hunks for me to bio

camwhoring when Charlotte was brushing her teeth
Charmaine joined in the fun ;)

managed to get late check out and off we went to the pool again

tired but fun
this kind of family day is rare for us :(

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