Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Parents are Noble

Did a truckful of things recently.
Bought a double decker bed for Chars.
Bought a new cupboard for Chars.
That double decker bed is too huge for Chars' room
and we have to vacate our master bedroom to accomodate it.
No more privacy. No more attached bathroom...
... these 2 rooms are linked with a door
and we still have easy access to the bathroom.
The only consolation is that new cupboard is mine. 

Now we are left with buying curtains, our bedframe, ceiling fan, wall fan etc

Below - Random photographs of the kids

always making funny angry-happy face

mischevious little monkey

after her Happy Kids trial class at Far East Shopping Centre
p.s: cannot easily find macs at orchard
- wisma, takashimaya outlet not ard anymore

kids dry play area at Causeway Point
bet that there will be wet play area soon

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