Friday, February 03, 2012

Zoo-ing day with our Japan "visitors"

Zoo-ing day with our Japan "visitors"

dunno what's with the tongue
missy flintstones working hard

children's ride - this ride is no joke man!

tour guiding the children

the designated photo taking place

Kenshin looks SUPER funny!
aw... Dora!
wonder what Rachel is doing....?
touching the boobs of ah meng!!!
miss joanne's
Charlotte was nowhere to be found
our merry-go-round treat from aunty Lyn
becos of this she had to eat porridge for the next few days

the ride is really giddy n mich is enjoying the ride "that" much

for Joanne to claim Kenshin's parents

BFF - Best Friends & Foes

what kind of mother will use a snake to scare her child - mich lor

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