Monday, February 13, 2012

Updates on the Chars...

mei mei squeezed into the toy stroller

guess what is this?
Charlotte's version of Rapunzel
Ivan said it looked like jun-on
I felt it looked like Pontianak 

sisterly love
everything changed when they finish posing for this photo

Recently I sent Charlotte to abacus class and get to know that some parents actually sent their children who are as young as N1 for such classes... I believe that I am one of those relax-kinda-mother
who has only introduced story books, minimal writing materials and educational dvds (barney & dora) to  my kids... Now its sets me wondering if I have done enough for them... its not easy to be a mother

1 comment:

dimas geel said...

wow. it's so cute. very long haired rapunzel. hehe

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