Friday, January 20, 2012

Updates before CNY - Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Today we got "cheated" by Charlotte again.

She told us its CNY celebration and she needs to wear home clothes to childcare. Without any doubts we dressed her in home clothes and found out CNY celebration is on 26th. Guess she must had heard the teachers talking about it and assumed its the next day.

Its not the first time anyway.

Just felt a little paiseh man and amazed how children eavesdrop adults conversation.

Charlotte is now more than a handful. Some times I do not know how to handle her. The way she speaks, the way she throw tantrums, the way she cries for attention... read from somewhere that when children throw tantrums parents should ignore and continue to talk to her in a normal manner. I am learning to do this cos I snapped at every instant when she pisses me off. Haiz.

Charmaine on the other hand is super cute! She can say alot of words now...

dardi (daddy)
sit (in chinese)
give (in chinese)
take (in chinese)
mum mum (food)
zhu zhu (pig)

Super love the stage that I am going through right now - a walking toddler who always give "zhu zhu" face when she wants food... meaning kiss you to exchange for food, act cute - blink blink... when gotten scoldings and stared at when she is provoked.

God bless my children and family with good health.

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