Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reunion Dinner at Angel's Place 21 January 2012

Had Cheongs Reunion Dinner at Angel's place this Lunar New Year
It costs 1/3 the price of what we had last year
but of course Angel needs to put in 100% power to cook
but who am I to complain since I contribute only my stomach :) 

the big kid playing with the children

we super love this pink dress from Michelle
flown all the way from Japan
Charmaine looks so cuddle-ble in it

bought and distributing bubbles
after series of whinings from my Paris Hilton

is she really posing with a piece of poo?

despite cooking for all
Angel still finds strength to play with them
(I just woke up from napping)
after this they went "swimming"

the women dun get it - R.E.S.T!

special guest who was screaming all the way
after warmed up
and knocked out in mummy's arms on the way home

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