Sunday, December 18, 2011

Its THE day!
Our VB depends on this day... just kidding la

Reached super early... and was the first!

Super welcoming view, excellent environment and unlimited coffee/tea making corner

tea break

thorns among the rose

ah tiong calls this stylish
to me... its sua ku lor!

high tea time
after yesterday's undigested dinner... i am fully bloated
yet was expected to stomach more food

anyway our session on went well and enjoyed it much :)

I really dunno how come I still look super fat in photos

just can't get enough of the cute teddy

next we head to kbox marina
above is Tommy aka the screamy sister

we had high tea, 2 tea breaks, loads water with no time to drain them off
and we head to kbox for kdinner straight after we finished messing up Linda's & Lisha's room!

chilling out at Paulaners thereafter
the band ROCKS!

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