Thursday, December 01, 2011

Charmaine: 14 mths old

This girl is definitely more garang then Charlotte!

She loves to bully Charlotte - Pull hair, tug clothes, take came to run around scaring everyone...

She now calls Daddy (dar-deeeeee) more than MaMa ESP after that few days where Daddy took leave to look after her when Nanny's husband passed away.

She also calls yaya, e e eeee (point at me when she saw me naked, calls all animals - Mao mao and even birds. Dunno what's with sliding down on her chest cos she seems can't get enough of it!

She asks for food whenever she sees any. Her favourite is M&Ms. Similarly everyone thought that she is a boy. Just like Charlotte!

I owe 3 kids... every one of them is the love of my life!

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