Saturday, July 02, 2011

Charlotte goes childcare by herself

When Ivan parks the car and wanted to get off to send Charlotte to childcare...

Me: Today you walk to childcare all by yourself ok?
Charlotte: Ok!

Charlotte get down the car and happily sling her bag and carried her bottle, turned and waved goodbye to us with a smile before walking to her childcare on her own.

Ivan actually walked back to the driver seat wanting to drove off! Really ^%$%$^#*!!! Guys are all the same - sickening lor! I stopped him (looking and sounding very pissed) and told him to follow behind Charlotte secretly to watch her... afterall she is still only three years old!

After the whole episode, Ivan told me, on Charlotte's way to childcare she smiled to an old lady (who must be thinking how come the parents of this little girl are so irresponsible to let the little girl go to childcare all by herself) and when she reached the childcare, she stood outside the gate cos she saw no one and did not bother to call for attention and that's when Ivan went to "rescue" her to get her teachers to open the gate. I think the teachers did not see an adult walking by so assume that no one is at the gate.

I wonder Charlotte will do this everyday from today onwards...

oh... she automatically went to bed yesterday and woke up early today to have a bathe before going to school :)

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