Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Updates updates... of my hectic life recently

Hubby changed a new job and works 7 days a week now. He will only reach home after 6.

I handle the kids alone on weekends and I am on the verge of breaking down soon... real soon! On Saturdays where I have to work, I have to rush back home from work to pick Charlotte up from childcare then rush her to ballet lessons. After ballet we have to lunch out then pick up Charmaine.

I am lucky that I have a great nanny who dun mind working extra hours and I am lucky that my hubby send the kids in the morning. I really cannot imagine if I have to do it myself.

I am on the verge of giving up expressing... God please give me the power to continue!

I love Charmaine's big belly...
since she was newborn

She tries to communicate with me in baby language nowadays

Every morning we will try to avoid her -
she will peep at us from her playpen
and once she sees us she will want us to carry her
when we walk away, she cries out loud

I love Charmaine SO much!

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