Wednesday, April 20, 2011

News: Baby Found Alive in Eunos Crescent

Below is extracted from The Straits Times.

Retiree saves child in Eunos rooftop garden

Mr Tay Kim Sia, 60, pointing at the spot where he found the baby on Monday. A member of the nearby Tembusu Seniors Activity Centre, he had been smoking at the rooftop garden when he heard soft mewing noises that turned out to be the buried baby boy. --PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

THE newborn baby boy was not only found with a trash bag twisted like a rope around his neck, but he had also been - for good measure - buried in a rooftop garden of a Eunos Crescent block.

But the person or persons who did this did not count on the infant's will to live - and to cry.

Retiree Tay Kim Sia, 60, looking for the source of a mewing noise, unearthed the baby from his shallow grave in the garden atop Block 31A, a multi-storey carpark block, on Monday.

The child, his mouth stuffed with mud and dried leaves and his umbilical cord still attached, has since been taken to the KK Women's and Children's Hospital, where he is in a stable condition.

The police are still trying to track down his next of kin.

Mr Tay said he was smoking at the sixth-floor garden at around 2pm when he heard soft mews

------> > > > how could this ever happen to innocent lives? some cannot wait to get rid while others tried very hard to get... the baby is really lucky to have survived the ordeal

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