Monday, February 07, 2011

CNY 2011

On eve of CNY going to NTUC to grab food
and fill up the whole fridge
and rice bucket

We had our reunion lunch at Ban Heng Pavillion

The Ridsdale Smiths
Lucas celebrated his last day of tiger year with this tiger romper of his

The Lims

The Pohs

Daddies working hard!

This shot was taken by Ben

Now I can tell Andy...
Lucas has brown eyes!

Mummy couldn't get enough of Jiale

We planned to visit friend on chu2
but Charlotte was down with stomach flu
so we have to stay home

until we cannot stand her pleas to go out to play
we went River AngBao

stomach flu still insists to eat popcorn

unable to make everyone disappear
to take a nicer photo

Ivan said that this Guan Ying Temple looks like those paper house

We love barney bunny

Hope this year can HUAT ar
though its rather bad for rooster

Jie Jie finally willing to let go the stroller for me to sleep on

Charlotte has a thing for trains
she simply love train rides
and cried cos others who queued
in front of her were let in first 

Jumping Frog

This green donkey cannot move cos
Ivan is too fat!

Chu3... last min kena summoned to visit relatives at lavender

now we no longer visit relatives from my Mummy's side
and we usual do a one-time meet all gathering for my Papa's side
no one bothered to visit my parents even though they are eldest

kiddos had nothing to do
and we were too bored till we took them out to playground

The girls follow Ben posing

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