Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Part time help?

Now Ivan and Charlottte are arguing on how to pronounce "Goldilocks (and the three bears)" next door. Charlotte insisted that Daddy's pronounciation is inaccurate... hahaha

Recently, I lose my temper super easily, especially for the past two days where Charlotte fell sick and was vomitting on the bedsheets (3 queen sized and 4 single sized), clothes, rocker cover etc. I had to tend to her, wash her up and after all done, she vomitted again. Haiz! Then it will be Charmaine's turn to cry for attention or milk. I nearly went crazy!

Though Charlotte finally went to childcare today, I am still tired especially with all the undone housework for the past two days. Haiz! I need help :(

Anyone can recommend cheap and reliable part time help?

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