Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jasan Kor's 35th BIG BASH

My pressie for Kor ~
Self made cupcakes

Kor celebrated his birthday at K-box - Kallang Leisure

He looks full of "FU QI"

You won't believe if I said Charlotte wasn't Ivan's daughter,
Ivan ate the white wording chocolate meant for Kor
and Charlotte insisted to cut the birthday cake
They simply love to make the birthday Uncle sad!

Love this photo but Kor a bit ku niang leh

Kor no need to be sad...
Your belly lose out to mine
I WIN!!!

Caught drinking cold water

Does the pig looks like Kor?

This photo looks "very funny"
I have many thoughts running through my head when I upload in facebook
and here... wahahaha
Better not say anything or else the 3 of them will KILL me

Erm... got a bit of chubby resemblance hor?

Kor what are you looking at?
We have a number posing thing in our family :)

Joel: The ugly boy in the cupcake is not ME!!! I don't look green!!!

All of us
But where is Kenny?
*sound a bit South Park...
who killed Kenny?
P.s: Chix the position you are standing looks awkward

Lobster red Kor from Long Island Tea
The soft toy from Kit is a turtle in rabbit disguse
Turtle cos Kor is always late... but now I felt Chix couple are later
Rabbit cos Kor is born in the year of rabbit

I dunno what's with the "see-teeth-but-see-no-eyes" smile trend Charlotte is getting into
Its a stage she is going through maybe...

Hope for more of such gatherings...

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