Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dinner & Dance 2010

My first Dinner & Dance with UEL
after 2 years plus with the company
Vivan and myself

Evelle, myself and Kallis

Susan, Lisha, myself, Linda and Kelly

Shipei at the far left hand corner...

The 3 preggies in UE!
Guess whose having a boy?
Catherine, myself and Evelyn

Aleem is obviously looking at some other pretty girls

Our menu
Dinner was held in Sands Convention Hall
Food super no good
Service no good
Convention Hall & toilet finishings no good

With our backs facing the stage :(

The chandeliers not too bad huh...

My buddy won a 32" LCD TV
as her birthday pressie

Beautiful night view
with Vionna on extreme left

Trying different modes from my camera
I am always so unlucky with lucky draws
nontheless had a good time
and first time experience at sands

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