Saturday, June 20, 2009

When exercising goes down the drain...

Went for a swim at Park Royal Hotel on Beach Road with Min Min, Mich and Lyn.

Lyn just touched down from her Honeymoon and was eager to meet us to pass us pressies and of course we know that its rude to reject freebies so we had no choice but was forced to meet up with the Chix couple for exercising and dinner.

View of the pool...

its kinda scary when its dark cos the there's a very steep slope at the centre of the pool

Mich and Min Min after workout

They are training for their Shape Run 2009!

The "no flash" version is much better cos

dark dark cannot see loads of things...

Me & Lyn

Min Min this photo is doing you no justice!

The poolside bar

The 'potato chips'-looking fan

Off we went for dinner at Golden Mile again :D

Xiao Ji & Ji mao sao (feather duster)

Min Min: Argh!!! Mich stop eating all the pork liver leh!

Michelle: Heeheeheehee... Ok lar... Give you more.
Min Min: Haha... Thanks!

It costs $35 per plate of meat and plus another plate of veggies
(golden mushrooms, tung hoon, veggies, egg etc)

Heh Heh... we took 2 plates

Taken with flash...

All can't wait to eat... very hungry after the swim actually

After sometime, the top of the pot becomes chao ta already...

but the food became tastier after the chao ta portion becomes chao ta

hm... orh orh

Soup is yum yum!

Then we head off to Sunset Bay for drinks.

We were actually searching for a place and Chix couple suggested East Coast Road BUT I
protested going to Old Town Cafe AGAIN!!! Then Chix brought us to a new place...

After driving for sometime along East Coast,

Michelle: Xiao Ji, I stayed opposite (Costa Del Sol) for so long also never see any place for drinks here lor! Somemore I go walk here ok!!

After sometime, we found Sunset Bay!

Michelle = no face!!! :D

Lyn was darn pissed off with this place and swore not to come back again...cos they switched off the lights at our area without letting us know that they are closing and moreover they took away the candle on our table - giving us the sign - Hey we are closing, please go!
Actually I was rather pissed when I ordered my drinks.

I ordred Vodka Ribena and the waiter said, "Its not in the menu!" with an irritating look

Lyn gave us money... its actually facial blotters

erm.... this is NOT MICHELLE lah!!!

Someone is trying to bit the coconut flesh and I quickly take a shot of the moment...

It was funnier when she was struggling with it initially!

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