Thursday, June 11, 2009

What had Charlotte been up to in Playgroup?

We sent Charlotte to "Little Rainbow" since May and since then we have been wondering what had she learnt or has been learning in the playgroup...

The playgroup was right below nanny's block. We had chosen it because we dun want to inconvenience nanny by sending Charlotte to a faraway playgroup and making her travel to & fro just for a 2 hour playgroup. On the other hand, we wanted Charlotte to mingle around with other kids her age and learn more things... so "Little Rainbow" is the best choice!

My Nanny's great! She's a great help, gives us discount on her fees ever since I sent Charlotte to playgroup, unconditionally (as in no extra charges) take care of Charlotte during my exams, never charge me extra for Charlotte's meal and most importantly her family LOVES Charlotte... Without them, life will not be that easy for me...

Yesterday, nanny passed me some drawings... *see above*

I was amazed, had this indescribable feeling of joy and was very touched!

My baby... is growing up... fast!

Whenever we went Ikea...

Charlotte will always want to put on the 'silly' hat and walk around the whole Ikea

We wanted to buy a bed for Charlotte. Daddy's afraid that she will fall from our bed, therefore she has been sleeping on the mattress on the ground for sometime. I've bought Barney bedsheets for her to compensate that. She super loves Barney. Whenever she's ready for bed, she will climb onto her mattress and say, "YEAH! Barney!!"

Sigh... bed hunting still in progress as we could not find anything good for her in Ikea and Courts especially with her running around and shifting all the furnitures around.
Yesterday I saw a caucasian couple with her 21 months old boy running around just like Charlotte. They were also searching for a bed for their boy as he was climbing out of his cot now. We chatted a little...

Mother said to son, "Come and try the bed".
Son then ran and climbed onto the bed and rolled around, testing the bed...
Mother said to son, "Do you like the bed? Will you fall off this bed"?

I love their way of getting their child involve in the process of choosing the bed. Their way of teaching their child is very different from us, Asians.

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